What can IP Targeting do for your business?

Highway Sign "Results - Straight Ahead"If you have been following us on social media and reading our blog posts, you’ve probably noticed us talking about iMail – our revolutionary digital targeting tool that focus online advertising to households based on their Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

If not, click here to read about it in our post Introducing the Future of Direct Mail.

Until now we’ve only been talking about what iMail is and how it works, so I think it’s time to start telling everyone about what it has done for other clients and what it can do for you!

Let’s talk real world results. 

One client, a regional home furnishing company, had a large list of past customers and they were looking for a more cost effective way reach them.  After completing an initial discovery session, the client decided to launch an iMail campaign to compliment their other ongoing advertising efforts, which included direct mail.

Together we built a one month campaign to target past customers at just one of their retail locations.  The campaign was centered on providing a printable limited-time coupon offer and both iMail and Google analytics were used to track campaign performance.

At the completion of the month we provided the clients sales figures and performed a match-back analysis, which compares results (sales generated) between the households we targeted with iMail and the households that were targeted with other mediums.

In this campaign, past customers that we targeted with iMail were 14% more likely to purchase and on average spent 4% more on their purchases.  This 30 day campaign produced over $30,000 in incremental revenue for just one of their retail locations.

Stay tuned to future blog posts as we will be sharing other case studies.  Better yet, if you’re ready to learn more about iMail now, contact us for a no pressure consultation!