Want better results with direct mail? You better have a good strategy.

Direct Marketing StrategyDeveloping the strategy and specific objectives is the first step to any successful Direct Marketing Campaign.

Determining the overall Direct Marketing Campaign requires many facets. Many marketers plainly refer to this as a project overview that clearly outlines a realistic and quantifiable plan taking it from inception to completion.

At the point of inception the marketing department performs what is plainly known to many as an assessment. They will begin assessing who will perform the market research, create the campaign or what the call of action is supposed to accomplish. Will the recipient be motivated to bring an offer, coupon or incentive to the place of business? Or will the recipient be motivated and driven to turn on their computer, go directly to their site and place an order. What should be the call of action? The end result ? What should the marketing campaign accomplish? What is the final message that needs to be conveyed?