The “Call to Action”


In all marketing efforts from a direct mail postcard to a social media post, the heart of all your pieces should be  a “call to action”  Simply said, “what do you want the reader to do?” This may seem like a no-brainer, but so many marketing promotions forget this crucial step.

Ask yourself what is the desired next step? Obviously you want the reader to become a customer, but you need to help them down the sales funnel. A call to action can be any of the follow:

  • Visit your website
  • Ask for a free consultation
  • Download a free gift
  • Contact you in an easy way

Remember, the attention span of today’s users are slim to none, so make this action an easy, and the only, choice. Don’t bombard them with options – give one. Pop that one choice in a different color. Perhaps a red box with your phone number inside on print or a “click here” box online.

You goal is to gain a customer and have them spend money with you right? So always keep that “call to action” in mind. It’s fine to entertain and to boost popularity but that call to action will turn that popularity into profitability! 

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