Introducing the Future of Direct Mail

DMS_imail-01Meet iMail. Combining the hyper-targeting options of direct mail with the cost effectiveness of digital display and banner ads, iMail is a true multi-channel lead generation powerhouse! 

Imagine an easy way to reach your customers and ideal target audience online, without keywords, content, search phrases or cookies. Unlike traditional display advertising, we don’t wait for prospects to search you online, iMail proactively targets prospects in their home and on their mobile device, much like direct mail.

iMail starts with a mailing list (your current customer list or we can help you find your dream prospect list), then we use a patented software to match those individuals to their household (or business) IP address. Next we isolate those IP addresses and show your display or video ads when the targeted prospects are browsing the web.

Sound great? It is. In fact, a campaign that utilizes both iMail and direct mail has been proven time-and-time again to see greater returns than just one or the other.

Here’s how it works: Typically we’ll target prospects for 3-5 days via iMail prior to the direct mail piece arriving in-home (to start creating brand recognition). Then your direct mail piece hits homes with a specific call to action seeing above average response rates. We will also generally run the iMail component for 3-5 days after the direct mail piece arrives in-home to increase the number of touch points and ultimately improve response and ROI (return on investment).

We watch and learn. At the conclusion of each campaign or month we identify which of your new customers/leads were a result of the IP Targeting. We match your list of new customers/leads with the original prospect list, indicate them as “converted” households and remove them from the list so future campaigns don’t show them your ad. Each month your campaign gets smarter.

iMail is priced comparably to traditional efforts with the ROI of online marketing. It truly is the best of both worlds.

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Direct Marketing… Where to begin? It all starts with your target audience.

Target-Market An argument can be made (and often won) that selecting a target audience for a product or promotion before selecting the product or promotion itself will lead to better results. Even today with all the targeted data options, many marketing teams are messaging to the masses in order to promote their products or special incentives. The problem is they are spending extra time and money (which diminish the ROI…the results) to target and communicate with all the extra prospects who have no interest in redeeming what they have to offer.

Want to save money and see better results with direct marketing? Spend the extra time upfront to develop and understand your ideal target audience.

Build a customer profile… Some call this data mining, database marketing, customer segmentation or modeling. Whatever you call it, it all adds up to the same thing, and that is a plain and simple listing of attributes/interests/characteristics that make up a profile of your ideal customer.

Did you ever watch a television program where a crime has occurred and the detectives immediately start building a “profile” for the possible criminal? They usually use large poster sheets on easels where they use a magic marker and start listing “attributes” that complete the profile: ie: Male, Late 30’s, 6 feet tall, Caucasian, wears baseball caps and drives a late model sedan.

The same applies to a Direct Marketing Campaign. What is the “profile” of the perfect consumer for a new, high end jewelry store that is opening in Palm Harbor, FL and carries only women’s jewelry? The profile would be Late 30’s, female, high income, has college degree, married without children with 12 miles of Palm Harbor, FL.

Once you have clearly defined your target audience it’s time to move on to the next step of your Marketing Campaign.


The customer profile should be a detailed and relevant to your products and services as you can make it. Facebook and other social media outlets have taken the profile to a whole new level with the Like button, sharing and +1 button, which build an interest profile for their customers/user. However most marketers do not have access to such specific data and must set out to compile it as they go from their own customers.

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Want better results with direct mail? You better have a good strategy.

Direct Marketing StrategyDeveloping the strategy and specific objectives is the first step to any successful Direct Marketing Campaign.

Determining the overall Direct Marketing Campaign requires many facets. Many marketers plainly refer to this as a project overview that clearly outlines a realistic and quantifiable plan taking it from inception to completion.

At the point of inception the marketing department performs what is plainly known to many as an assessment. They will begin assessing who will perform the market research, create the campaign or what the call of action is supposed to accomplish. Will the recipient be motivated to bring an offer, coupon or incentive to the place of business? Or will the recipient be motivated and driven to turn on their computer, go directly to their site and place an order. What should be the call of action? The end result ? What should the marketing campaign accomplish? What is the final message that needs to be conveyed?