Introducing the Future of Direct Mail

DMS_imail-01Meet iMail. Combining the hyper-targeting options of direct mail with the cost effectiveness of digital display and banner ads, iMail is a true multi-channel lead generation powerhouse! 

Imagine an easy way to reach your customers and ideal target audience online, without keywords, content, search phrases or cookies. Unlike traditional display advertising, we don’t wait for prospects to search you online, iMail proactively targets prospects in their home and on their mobile device, much like direct mail.

iMail starts with a mailing list (your current customer list or we can help you find your dream prospect list), then we use a patented software to match those individuals to their household (or business) IP address. Next we isolate those IP addresses and show your display or video ads when the targeted prospects are browsing the web.

Sound great? It is. In fact, a campaign that utilizes both iMail and direct mail has been proven time-and-time again to see greater returns than just one or the other.

Here’s how it works: Typically we’ll target prospects for 3-5 days via iMail prior to the direct mail piece arriving in-home (to start creating brand recognition). Then your direct mail piece hits homes with a specific call to action seeing above average response rates. We will also generally run the iMail component for 3-5 days after the direct mail piece arrives in-home to increase the number of touch points and ultimately improve response and ROI (return on investment).

We watch and learn. At the conclusion of each campaign or month we identify which of your new customers/leads were a result of the IP Targeting. We match your list of new customers/leads with the original prospect list, indicate them as “converted” households and remove them from the list so future campaigns don’t show them your ad. Each month your campaign gets smarter.

iMail is priced comparably to traditional efforts with the ROI of online marketing. It truly is the best of both worlds.

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