Hardwork & Dedication

largeAs we approach the end of this year’s health insurance open enrollment season (which is large part of our print and direct mail business) I want to take a moment to acknowledge a group of some of hardest working folks I have ever met, our in-house production team.

I know, I know, every company says they are hardworking, honest, the best and all that good stuff, so I want to preface this by saying that not only did I grow up on a grape farm, but I was also in the Marine Corps Infantry (and deployed to Iraq in 2005).  I say that because I know a thing or two about hard work and dedication.

Now having said that let me try to summarize what I have observed over the past 5 months.

25 people printing and producing over 15,000,000 pieces of mail, unquestionably working 60-70 hours per week, fewer days off than you can count on one hand (including Thanksgiving and Christmas).

No, direct mail production is not a glamorous job and unfortunately it doesn’t pay as well as some other factory jobs, but I look out on the floor and see what those folks do and the pride they take in their work – and I am reassured that the America of hard work and land of opportunity our parents and grandparents once knew is still alive.

Business is and should always be about your people first, then your product. We believe our customers are buying piece of mind knowing the dedicated women and men of our company have their best interests at heart!

God Bless America and Happy New Year!