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Experience Counts.

Paul and Jennifer

Meet Paul Seigel
Director, Non-Profit Services

Paul joined the DMS team following assignments as the chief fundraiser for several $100 million-plus international children and animal protection-focused charities, including Operation Smile and the International Fund for Animal Welfare.  Since the late 1970s, Paul’s diversified experience in management, fundraising, decision making, strategic planning and problem solving at the local, state, national and international levels has yielded fresh and long-lasting results for the organization’s he has served and counseled.

He has implemented direct-mail fundraising campaigns credited with raising nearly $800 million in the United States, Canada, and throughout Europe and Asia.  Paul attended the United States Military Academy at West Point and earned a Master of Arts degree from Western Michigan University.  Outside of work, he and his wife, Marylou, share their home with two dogs, Romy (a rescue from Romania) and Marky, a golden retriever chew-aholic.  Paul competes on the international darts circuit and for 20 years has self-syndicated a column on the sport.

Direct Mail Systems, Inc. (DMS) is a recognized national leader in non-profit direct mail fundraising.  For more than three decades we have been proving that passion for a better world, in-the-trench experience and an unwavering commitment to fundraising ethics are the keys to attracting donors and raising dollars for our clients from every corner of the country and world.

Contact us today to learn how Paul can help your nonprofit and get a free no pressure consultation!

Hardwork & Dedication

largeAs we approach the end of this year’s health insurance open enrollment season (which is large part of our print and direct mail business) I want to take a moment to acknowledge a group of some of hardest working folks I have ever met, our in-house production team.

I know, I know, every company says they are hardworking, honest, the best and all that good stuff, so I want to preface this by saying that not only did I grow up on a grape farm, but I was also in the Marine Corps Infantry (and deployed to Iraq in 2005).  I say that because I know a thing or two about hard work and dedication.

Now having said that let me try to summarize what I have observed over the past 5 months.

25 people printing and producing over 15,000,000 pieces of mail, unquestionably working 60-70 hours per week, fewer days off than you can count on one hand (including Thanksgiving and Christmas).

No, direct mail production is not a glamorous job and unfortunately it doesn’t pay as well as some other factory jobs, but I look out on the floor and see what those folks do and the pride they take in their work – and I am reassured that the America of hard work and land of opportunity our parents and grandparents once knew is still alive.

Business is and should always be about your people first, then your product. We believe our customers are buying piece of mind knowing the dedicated women and men of our company have their best interests at heart!

God Bless America and Happy New Year!

What can IP Targeting do for your business?

Highway Sign "Results - Straight Ahead"If you have been following us on social media and reading our blog posts, you’ve probably noticed us talking about iMail – our revolutionary digital targeting tool that focus online advertising to households based on their Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

If not, click here to read about it in our post Introducing the Future of Direct Mail.

Until now we’ve only been talking about what iMail is and how it works, so I think it’s time to start telling everyone about what it has done for other clients and what it can do for you!

Let’s talk real world results. 

One client, a regional home furnishing company, had a large list of past customers and they were looking for a more cost effective way reach them.  After completing an initial discovery session, the client decided to launch an iMail campaign to compliment their other ongoing advertising efforts, which included direct mail.

Together we built a one month campaign to target past customers at just one of their retail locations.  The campaign was centered on providing a printable limited-time coupon offer and both iMail and Google analytics were used to track campaign performance.

At the completion of the month we provided the clients sales figures and performed a match-back analysis, which compares results (sales generated) between the households we targeted with iMail and the households that were targeted with other mediums.

In this campaign, past customers that we targeted with iMail were 14% more likely to purchase and on average spent 4% more on their purchases.  This 30 day campaign produced over $30,000 in incremental revenue for just one of their retail locations.

Stay tuned to future blog posts as we will be sharing other case studies.  Better yet, if you’re ready to learn more about iMail now, contact us for a no pressure consultation!

Introducing the Future of Direct Mail

DMS_imail-01Meet iMail. Combining the hyper-targeting options of direct mail with the cost effectiveness of digital display and banner ads, iMail is a true multi-channel lead generation powerhouse! 

Imagine an easy way to reach your customers and ideal target audience online, without keywords, content, search phrases or cookies. Unlike traditional display advertising, we don’t wait for prospects to search you online, iMail proactively targets prospects in their home and on their mobile device, much like direct mail.

iMail starts with a mailing list (your current customer list or we can help you find your dream prospect list), then we use a patented software to match those individuals to their household (or business) IP address. Next we isolate those IP addresses and show your display or video ads when the targeted prospects are browsing the web.

Sound great? It is. In fact, a campaign that utilizes both iMail and direct mail has been proven time-and-time again to see greater returns than just one or the other.

Here’s how it works: Typically we’ll target prospects for 3-5 days via iMail prior to the direct mail piece arriving in-home (to start creating brand recognition). Then your direct mail piece hits homes with a specific call to action seeing above average response rates. We will also generally run the iMail component for 3-5 days after the direct mail piece arrives in-home to increase the number of touch points and ultimately improve response and ROI (return on investment).

We watch and learn. At the conclusion of each campaign or month we identify which of your new customers/leads were a result of the IP Targeting. We match your list of new customers/leads with the original prospect list, indicate them as “converted” households and remove them from the list so future campaigns don’t show them your ad. Each month your campaign gets smarter.

iMail is priced comparably to traditional efforts with the ROI of online marketing. It truly is the best of both worlds.

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