5 Tips for a Killer Postcard Design

DMSpost-01A postcard can be a powerful direct mail piece. Short and sweet. No envelope to open. It gets right to the point. We have put together 5 ways to really make the most of this marketing staple and make sure yours breaks through the clutter and gets your business noticed!

  1. Know your audience – it helps to do research before you begin. Are you targeting 20 year olds or 60 year olds? That question right there tells you a lot regarding colors and fonts before you even get into copywriting. Step one should be identifying your dream client, only then can you start on a plan of how best to talk to THEM.
  2. Quality Photography – can make or break any marketing piece. While a stunning high quality photo can really make your piece sing, a bad, blurry or cheesy photo can kill it in its tracks. Don’t be cheap here. There are plenty of affordable royalty free photo services to choose from. And no, you can’t just grab something off of the internet for free.
  3. Puns vs Substance – never let a funny or punny headline lead your message. Yes you might have a really great photo of a dolphin but “Electricians with a Porpoise!” is not going to get you business but rather groans as your postcard heads for the trash. Be sure your headlines are eye catching for the right reasons.
  4. Space – ah the final frontier, but use it wisely. Value the white space. You want to make the most of the 5×7, or so that you have, but cram it so full of text and starbursts and you might as well say nothing at all.
  5. The attention span of today’s reader is shorter than ever, so keep your message short and use bold and bullet points to help with people who scan and decide in a few seconds if it’s worth the read or the trashcan. Notice we kept this to 5? Did you make it all the way through them? Success!