5 Must-Have Online Tools for the New Year

A new year and another new chance at working smarter not harder, right? While many online tools promise themselves to be time savers they often leave us disappointed with price or unmet expectations. Good news – we have found the following really increase productivity in marketing and project management and would love to share our favorites with you:

Easy Automatic Scheduling for Twitter Marketing.

1. TweetDeck

This free online service is great to scheduling out your tweets far in advance. Get the whole week done in an hour and walk away. TweetDeck will take it from there to schedule your Twitter marketing out on the days and times you select. Now Hootsuite is also very popular but it has a limit of three channels on the free plan where Tweet Deck does not, so if your company have several channels or if you are a social media professional with many clients, that can be a life saver and a budget saver!

Easy Client Management and Invoicing System.

There are a lot of Client Relationship Management  (CRM) systems out there to track contents and leads but we love 17 Hats as it adds a powerhouse quoting/invoicing/contract system that allows easy templates to get your clients to accept and easily pay you online! This service comes with a monthly fee but is worth the investment come invoicing time!

Project Mananagement

A very popular service that keeps all the conversations, files, schedules and designs all in one place. The best part is it’s not just for your internal team but great for communicating with clients. Show them only what you want to and keep all the edits and conversations in one place. A project never went smoother! There is a monthly fee but I think you’ll find it’s worth it. Did I mention it’s so user friendly that even your computer challenged clients will find it a breeze.
4.  Trello
Another great free tool, Trello is a simple task card system that you can use alone or share with a large team. Get all your needs down in one place and drag them from list to list with ease! It’s a simple idea with endless possibilities.

Marriage of Online Marketing and Direct Mail Marketing!

Combining the hyper-targeting options of direct mail with the cost effectiveness of digital display and banner ads, iMail is a true multi-channel lead generation powerhouse for 2016.
Imagine an easy way to reach your customers and ideal target audience online, without keywords, content, search phrases or cookies. iMail proactively targets prospects in their home and on their mobile device, much like direct mail. It’s a new year and this is the hottest new marketing tool that gets results.
Want to accelerate your direct marketing lead generation with iMail?Contact DMS today for a no pressure consult!